Angel & Anchor is a ballsy creative company based in Belfast, NI. Since 2014, we have created bold brand identities and built sharp campaigns to help make big names better and startups matter. Our hustle is home runs on every project we work on, from brand identity, to name generation, to illustration and more. We work hard. We Listen. We give a shit.


We believe that every client and project should be approached differently. We delve deep into your clients’ needs, your industry and target audience to come up with a solution that looks rad, makes sense and sets you apart from everyone else.


Some of our longest standing customers continue to stick with us because collaboration is important to us. Let’s look at the problem together and work out what’s the best fix, then we’ll absolutely kill it… together. Your business is our business.


Our hustle is solution-based and design-led creative. We focus on finding something that works for your brand to actually make shit happen… whether that’s getting noticed, kicking your competitors in the teeth or cold hard cash. Let our work speak for itself. We’re damn proud of it.


Meet the Founder

Ben Connolly is the Founder and Creative Director of the branding studio, Angel & Anchor. When he’s not collecting ideas in his field notes, Ben’s scraping the bottom of Netflix’s barrel while knockin’ back cups of joe. He supports Arsenal, loves Chance The Rapper and has a serious condition for spotting typefaces in the wild. Since 2014 he’s been supplying design of champions for this anti-job job to bring home the bacon for his wife and kid.