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The Good Granola Company

I just finished an identity project with The Good Granola Company. GGC is a small business, run by Debbie Lee, selling home-made varieties of granola. Here is the final brand mark:

And the rejected concepts:

The slogan and ethos of the company is 'Fuel Your Daily Adventure'; the idea being that whether you are climbing a mountain, working in an office or trying to get your kids ready and off to school, you are on a daily adventure... Such challenges need fuel - granola being one healthy and tasty source!

A cool concept, and the main element we wanted to push through social media... so simple images were developed like these. 

Believe it or not, this picture was actually taken by Debbie on a recent climbing trip around the Alps! She has been a great client to work with and I'm glad to be a part of the adventure that Debbie begins this year. 

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