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SPARK Newtownabbey 2014

SPARK is a faith-based initiative which seeks to show Christ's love in practical ways. It started in Ballymena back in 2007 and coincidently I was part of it, serving in Ballykeel when I was just 17! 

Since then SPARK has grown each year, and in 2014 leaders in Newtownabbey felt led to make SPARK happen there. I was asked to brand the first year of SPARK Newtownabbey in an attempt to attract young people to something practical where they can serve others in their community this Summer.

Re-Worked Logo

Old Spark Logos.jpg

In the first couple of years of SPARK branding was based around a striking light logo on a dark navy background. In 2012, as the movement continued to grow in Ballymena, they decided to re-brand with a very different style of logo.

Re-Worked Spark Logo 2014-2.jpg

They developed the logo on the left. In-trend type and geometric symbol, with a nod to the consistent journey from a spark in 2007, to fire in 2008, to the now bonfire-like blaze which has remained over the last two years.

SPARK Ballymena continue to use this logo, but I felt that with this new 'daughter area' launching there was a need to re-brand, and re-work the logo (right in picture) to a cleaner, relevant design which remained consistent with the successful SPARK Ballymena initiative. The promotional material would follow the same identity.


Spark 14 Poster Mock-Up.jpg


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