Angel & Anchor




Happy birthday Angel & Anchor, happy birthday day to you (me)! It's hard to believe but A&A is one year old this month. I'm so thankful and feel blessed by the exciting adventure I've been on since last year. 

AA Birthday Square.jpg

We all have those friends who celebrate 'birthday week'... like a day isn't enough! I am totally that person, and even more so with my business. SO for my first birthday I'll be celebrating ONE YEAR OLD for the whole of February. And end with a bang with the launch of a new online store (or shop TBD)!

Birthday Blog-1.jpg

As much as I love a good present I'd like to think I'm a giver, so I'm filling this month with blog posts and sneak peaks at the products I'll be selling in my shop. I'll let you in on my tips to running a creative business, and review some of the highlights of this first year. 

I'd love for you to join in. I guess we're not just celebrating a business, but also the great relationships, positive stories and creating beautiful things for the best people!