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My Wedding

It's hard to believe, but exactly three months ago (24th July) I married my best friend, Nicole. It was such a perfect day, having those we love the most witness the beginning of a new journey for us. On our three month 'anniversary' I'd like to remember some of the creative stuff and give a shout-out to the legends who helped us have the best day ever. 

Adam Smyth Films

We weren't that bothered about booking a videographer, but when we seen a discount offer on Facebook for Adam Smyth we changed our minds. Now looking at this highlight video I am so happy we did, and can't wait to see the full DVD and my stuttering speech. Thanks Adam - I hold you responsible.

David Cavan Photography

DC is a classy guy who I met a while back through our BlueHouses family. Not only is he professional and producing high quality work but he is also really friendly, great banter and very cost effective. I couldn't think of anybody else I'd rather have to play such a big role at our wedding, especially with photos like these...


Angel & Anchor (yeah, that's right)


In true designer style I pretty much 'branded' our wedding. I started off with creating our own wedding logo, which I used on most of the printed stuff as well as powerpoint slides etc. Along with this I kept a certain colour, style and 'feel' across everything which tied it all together just nicely... don't you think?



Order of Service

Order of Service

Order of Service

Order of Service


We didn't really have a 'theme' exactly... I still firmly believe that the theme of every wedding should be the Bride and Groom, but suppose we maybe had a style that happened organically. This began with the ceremony... my favourite part of the day. 


About 80 metres of blue bunting was made from scratch by the infamous Nanny Myrtle. We got a quote for £2 a metre, so she saved us a whole bunch! There was so much that we were able to use it in the Church, foyer, outside for food and at our reception at Ross Park Hotel. Now we are trying to find places in our house to put it up. All I'm sayin' is, when we have a baby it better be a boy.

For the past year I've been collecting weird and wonderful things I have recycled or picked up in charity shops and thrift-stores; stuff like vintage suitcases, jars and an antler (classic Pinterst inspiration). One last minute touch, was our lemonade in milk bottles with stripy straws. I was able to pick up the bottles through a friend's friend who had this planned already for their wedding the week after. We shared the cost (IKEA Garden bit for only £1 each!) and shared the bottles over both weddings... everyone's a winner!


Ross Park Hotel

Our reception was held at Ross Park Hotel - the primary reason for this choice was the jacuzzi in the Bridal Suite... Essential. We followed a similar style from our Ceremony and got crazy with some chalkboard paint and pens. We tried the ink finger-print guestbook which looked and sounded great in theory, but without someone there to guide every thumb you're pretty much going to end up with a bit of a mess! 


A wedding isn't a wedding these days without pick n' mix, or if you are a youth leader like Cole and I... tuck-shop.


Other wee bits



Here's a few people that made our wedding so special.

  • David Cavan Photography and Adam Smyth Films (self proclaimed 'Dream-Team')
  • Star Car Hire. We got a VW Camper Van and a VW Stretch Beetle. 
  •  The Gents. A quality band with personality and class. 
  • Mark Johnston. A really good friend and the nicest guy Cole and I have ever met - fact. Have us the honour of being his first couple to marry! 
  • Jamie McMillan and Friends. Jamie is a quality musician and was so kind to rope his friends into playing some beautiful worship during our Ceremony.  


Getting married is great. I'd highly recommend it. Aside from getting to marry the love of your life, you get the opportunity to be creative and put together a reflection of you and your fiancee's personality. I hope you smiled and enjoyed getting a glimpse of ours.

If you have any thoughts or questions, or have any cool wedding stories, comment below!


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