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Lissie - Comfort & Joy Tour Poster

Last night singer-songwriter Lissie kicked off her Comfort & Joy tour in Limelight 2, Belfast. She's a force to be reckoned with and holds a regular spot in the HQ playlist ever since seeing her live at the Black Box in 2010. 

Here's the gig poster I illustrated and designed for this recent tour. 

For Illustrator to 'image trace' the small details on the illustration, I had to draw each layer in four A4 sheets, thus making A2. These three layers of shadows, mid-tones and highlights would typically make up three colour-ways or 'screens' in a typical screen printed gig poster, a printing method I'd love to do more of!

If you want a gig poster like the above, interested in screen printing or need something illustrated for that thing you do say hello here... I'd love to hear from you!