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First Anniversary

Last week my wife and I celebrated one year of marriage by spending a short week in Ireland. Our first two nights (including the anniversary itself) were spent at Grove Lane Glamping in Killarney. It's a romantic spot, ten minutes away from some incredible natural beauty at the National Park. This gave me the opportunity to try out my new-ish Canon 5D. You'll notice that I'm rarely in any of my photos... I save that privilege to my wife, who seems to love such a role.

Anniversary 2014 01_4.JPG
Anniversary 2014 01_67 copy.jpg

Our next two nights were spent in Cork, but in between we spent the day in Kinsale. This is one of my favourite places in the world, and where I spent a lot of my teenage Summers with friends. These photos might not do it justice, but this small town is taken right out of a postcard.

With a few hours to kill on our journey home (and a welcome break from all the driving!) we spent some time in Dublin. It's hard to believe that I've only visited the city once before, but it's pretty much a bigger version than Belfast. Temple Bar is a cool street to visit with a camera, but apart from that the city doesn't compete with the incredible mountains and lakes of Killarney!

And home. 

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